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Treating You With Care And Respect

With more than 60 years of combined experience, our firm is prepared to defend clients in and around Grand Rapids. We understand that our clients are likely facing the most challenging time of their lives. It is our goal to guide them through the legal process while shielding them from the full force of the legal justice system. Trust us to be both on your side and by your side from start to finish.


Caring For You And Your Future

Results Speak Louder Than Words. We have extensive experience guiding clients through felony cases involving drug crimes, white collar crimes and homocides. A local paper called our recent success in a particularly complex homocide trial “a stunning verdict.” We have had hundreds of cases dismissed during trial and hundreds more dismissed before they even got to trial.

What More Than 60 Years In Business Have Taught Us

Criminal defense is not new to us. Our attorneys have been defending against crimes ranging from OWI to homicide for more than 60 years. In those years, we have learned that there is no substitute for diligence, hard work and careful case preparation. We have learned that respecting our opponents is necessary for success. We have learned that these cases are about futures that hang in the balance and we do everything we can to help our clients.

If you would like us to put 60-plus years of experience to work helping you and protecting your future, call us at 616-459-3850, or send us an email. The first consultation is free.

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