Medical Marijuana Cases

What Do The Medical Marijuana Laws Actually Mean?

With the recent legalization of medical marijuana under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, many individuals are confused as to what the law actually means. Impaired driving, for example, is something that countless people are now facing. Chemicals can remain in your bloodstream for days after smoking marijuana. Even though you feel perfectly in control of your vehicle, a chemical test might prove otherwise.

At Dodge & Dodge, P.C., our Grand Rapids lawyers have represented numerous individuals with no criminal history who are now facing severe charges due to their legalized use of marijuana. Patients and caregivers are frequently charged with either state or federal criminal charges even though they were attempting to comply with the law. Our firm attempts to stay updated on this complex area of the law and aggressively defend our clients’ rights.

The Medical Marijuana Act Is No Excuse Under OWPCS

Michigan’s legalization of marijuana for medical purposes has not legalized an individual’s operation of a vehicle with “any amount” of marijuana in his or her body. Therefore, a legal user of marijuana can be charged with operating with the presence of a controlled substance (OWPCS) even if he or she legally used the marijuana several days before operating the vehicle.

OWPCS is a serious offense in Michigan that can result in fines, jail time and loss of driving privileges. Our attorneys are skilled at handling cases involving drunk and drugged driving, so contact our firm to discuss your legal dilemma.

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