Under Investigation

What To Avoid If You Are Under Investigation

Typically, police investigations can take months or even years to complete. Law enforcement officers will take the time necessary to build a case against you. They will dedicate time, money and other resources to ensure that they have developed the strongest case possible.

You need that same dedication and tenacity on your side.

If you feel that you are under investigation for a financial crime, computer/pornography crime, sex crime or any other offense, it is wise to contact a defense lawyer at Dodge & Dodge, P.C. immediately.

Do You Fear That You Are Under Investigation?

Paranoia can take hold at even the tiniest indication of potential trouble. If you fear that you are under investigation, there are certain things you should remember.

  • Do not talk about the investigation with anyone. Even if you feel you know other individuals who might be involved in the investigation, do not discuss the situation with them. In a worst-case scenario, these discussions could be subpoenaed or you might be charged with obstruction of justice.
  • There might be a strong temptation to eliminate incriminating evidence. Fight that temptation. By shredding documents, deleting email or erasing hard drives, you are not helping your case — in fact, you are probably making it worse and opening yourself up to new charges.
  • Contact an attorney at the earliest possible time. Having a defense lawyer on your side is a direct benefit. We will guide you through police interrogations and begin developing a strong, effective defense from the start.

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