Criminal Defense

When Experience Matters

The defense attorneys at Dodge & Dodge, P.C., have more than 50 years of legal experience. With experience as former prosecutors and Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) lawyers, our firm is prepared to provide exceptional client service and skilled defense based on unique legal insight.

Regardless of the severity of the charge, people can suffer greatly. Not only are they facing strict penalties upon conviction, but they must carry a criminal record that could impact their immigration status or ability to secure employment or housing in the future. We have a genuine care and concern for the well-being of our clients. Whether we are fighting to get charges reduced or dismissed altogether, you can count on our experience, tenacity and legal knowledge.

We handle all criminal cases, including:

  • Drunk and drugged driving
  • Drug offenses
  • White collar and financial crimes
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Homicide and murder
  • Continuing criminal enterprise (CCE)
  • Assault
  • Sex crimes
  • Racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO) crimes
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Computer/Internet/pornography crimes

Whether you are facing a federal or state matter, a trial, a pretrial issue or an appeal, our firm can help. We have the depth of experience to thoroughly understand the situation you are facing. Additionally, we can clearly explain your charges and the penalties you might face.

Immigration-Related Matters

It is not uncommon for individuals to live and work in west Michigan with a visa. Whether this is a work visa, family-based visa or student visa, a criminal matter can result in severe consequences. Even a minor infraction such as assault can result in the initiation of removal proceedings — ultimately leading to your deportation. To protect your status and your ability to remain in the United States, it is crucial that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. We will fight to protect you through the legal process.

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Assault/Domestic Violence

Depending on the specifics of your assault charge, you might face devastating consequences if you are convicted. Fines, jail time, community service, probation or other penalties can dramatically impact all facets of your life. It is our job to shield you from these consequences and navigate you through the criminal justice system. Trust Dodge & Dodge, P.C., to defend you aggressively.

Computer/Pornography Crimes

In the past decade, computers and Internet access have become ubiquitous. Everyone has multiple computers, Internet-ready phones and tablets — and nearly every business and retail establishment offers free Wi-Fi Internet access. With this level of accessibility, the potential for computer crimes has skyrocketed. Law enforcement routinely seizes electronic devices even in criminal investigations not necessarily focused on computer activity.

Drug Charges

Our firm has represented individuals in some of the state's most serious and highest-quantity drug busts. If you are facing drug charges, do not hesitate to contact an experienced defense attorney. With more than 50 years of legal experience, we have worked through legal shifts in drug enforcement and can identify constitutional rights that may be at issue when it comes to drug searches and seizures.

Drunk/Drug Driving

Year after year, the penalties for drunk/drugged driving in Michigan keep getting more severe. Driver's license suspensions increase in duration. Fines get higher. The possibility of spending time behind bars becomes much more likely. These penalties have the potential to ruin lives.


At Dodge & Dodge, P.C., we have defended clients in hundreds of homicide cases involving a variety of circumstances. Juries have acquitted our clients of first-degree murder, second-degree murder and manslaughter. We have had homicide cases of all varieties dismissed during trial or before they even get to trial. If you are facing homicide charges, you are facing severe criminal penalties. Whether your charge involves murder, manslaughter or vehicular homicide, it is crucial that you have an experienced defense attorney fighting on your behalf.

Juvenile & Youthful Offenders

It is not uncommon for college students to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether it is a party, a sporting event, joyriding or another youthful activity, they risk running afoul of the law and facing serious penalties. Colleges and universities routinely conduct their own investigations into alleged student violations before a criminal court case runs its course. Schools often conduct administrative hearings early on in criminal matters.

Medical Marijuana Cases

With the recent legalization of medical marijuana under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, many individuals are confused as to what the law actually means. Impaired driving, for example, is something that countless people are now facing. Chemicals can remain in your bloodstream for days after smoking marijuana. Even though you feel perfectly in control of your vehicle, a chemical test might prove otherwise.

Sex Offenses

If you are accused of a sex crime, it is crucial that you seek the advice and guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Well before you are on trial, the accusation of a sex offense can have disastrous effects on your life. Your family, friends and co-workers might view you differently or make disparaging remarks. You need an experienced attorney on your side who is comfortable handling stressful, high-profile defense cases.

White Collar Crimes

In recent decades, white collar crimes have been in the forefront of media coverage and casual communication. Consumers worldwide seek facts related to fraud, forgery and other financial crimes. Unfortunately, if you were charged with a white collar crime, it is likely that law enforcement has already devoted countless hours and resources to building a case against you. Prosecutors are well-trained, well-funded and dedicated. You need the same tenacity on your side.

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